A ShareCard™ Service
by Diverse Companies LLC

The INSPECTOR2AGENT Telephone Marketing Program is an industry-specific service for an exclusive number of Home Inspectors that is powered by the ShareCard Digital Marketing Kit. No other marketing service like this exists anywhere in the world for Home Inspectors.

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Extreme Exclusivity

The INSPECTOR2AGENT Marketing Program is available to inspectors in a territorial basis. One ONE Home Inspector per service area is allowed to participate at a time. We believe in quality marketing over a quantity of accounts.

Intensive Marketing

The INSPECTOR2AGENT makes TEN telephone calls per day, FIVE days per week, for FOUR weeks to real estate agents who have active listings. The results of phone calls, and the contact information of all agents who are call, are provided in a detailed report for participating Home Inspectors.

Fully-Managed Services

Once you begin the INSPECTOR2AGENT Marketing Program, you can sit back and relax as our team manages literally every aspect of it from making the calls to setting up meet-and-greet appointments to asking for active inspection leads for participating Home Inspectors.

Targeted Marketing and Customized Messaging

Choose the counties or cities that you want to target, and we will make the calls for you.

Customized Communication

Provide us with parameters for us to follow (such as asking for face-to-face meetings versus telephone meetings with you). Though we make the phone calls, it's your message that we call with.

Accurate and Detailed Reports

Every phone call we make for you is recorded in writing along with the who we called, when we called, the real estate agent's response, and any leads offered by the agent.

ShareCard™ Connection

We use ShareCard™ to deliver all of your sales and marketing assets to agents we contact. ShareCard™ allows all of your documents, images, videos, and business-related information to be delivered in one digital package for the ultimate convenience.