Frequently-Asked Questions

"Before I even consider it, what’s the total cost of the INSPECTOR2AGENT Marketing Program?"

The cost is $200 for ShareCard™ set-up, then you pay $200 per week for each week that you need us to make appointment-setting phone calls. INSPECTOR2AGENT Marketing is very affordable.

"How are real estate agents found, and how will I know which agents you've contacted?"

Agents are found by searching real estate websites whose agents active listings that will ultimately need a home inspection to be performed.

You will also be provided with a spreadsheet of real estate agents we've cantacted at the end of every week for four weeks.

"Why do you only contact ten real estate agents per day?"

We are trying to build a warm market for your brand which means we initialize the relationship-building process until interested agents are "handed off" to you.

Also, we are well-aware that you are running a home inspection company and don't have time to invest hours per day on phone calls or face-to-face meet-and-greets with agents. Our goal is to set up a minimum of TWO meetings per day for you (phone or face-to-face) which is plenty to start with and not be overwhelmed.

"Will you be representing yourself as an employee of my company when calling agents?"

No. We will be contacting agents as a "marketing firm" hired by you, not as employees or representatives of your company.

"Do I have to have a ShareCard™ account to participate in INSPECTOR2AGENT?"

Yes. ShareCard™ is a tool that helps to organize all of your primary marketing assets into one place. It makes it easier for people to learn more about your business and services which, in turn, allows them to make the decision to do business with you faster and more convenient.

"Can consumers interact with my ShareCard™, too?"

Yes. ShareCard can be shared with anyone who has a smartphone. In fact, you can begin sharing your ShareCard (separately from the Inspector2Agent marketing program) with anyone you want during while we are engaged in your Inspector2Agent email campaigns.

"Do you guarantee that I will receive a certain number of meetings or home inspection bookings if I participate in the INSPECTOR2AGENT Marketing Program?"

No. We can’t control what other people say or do. However, what we can guarantee is how many phone calls we make to agents on your behalf.

"It is against my ethics to ask real estate agents for referrals, so why should I participate in this marketing program?"

Please read our blog about this topic on BlogSpot.com.

"How long after my ShareCard™ account is created will you beging making phone calls for me?"

Once your ShareCard™ account is active and shareable, we invest the next day or two creating a call list of agents who have sold at least one property in the past 60 days and those who have active listings in your service area. Once that is completed, we begin making phone calls for you. Please note that we do not make phone calls on weekends.

"What are the other assets of my INSPECTOR2AGENT Marketing Program?"

In addition to your ShareCard, we also provide you with a self-branded copy of "The Home Inspection Guide" eBook, a 20 page, printable, or shareable PDF document that educates people about types of inspections while entertaining them with quizzes and games.

"How many other home inspectors will you be working with in my service area?"

Absolutely none. We work with, and promote, only one home inspector at a time per service area, per campaign, period.

In other words, it would be moronic for us to claim that we are going to help you to dominate your marketplace and grow your inspection business if we are helping your competitors compete against you. That just doesn’t make sense no matter how you slice it.

"How long does it take to customize my ShareCard™ to my business?"

This depends on how fast you can provide us with assets to populate your ShareCard™ account with. This includes, photos, videos, documents, and other assets deemed appropriate for use in your ShareCard™