Use this page to complete your registration for the Inspector2Agent Marketing Program.


  1. You may not participate in the Inspector2Agent marketing program if another home inspector is actively participating in your service area.
  2. The Inspector2Agent marketing service is exclusive to only ONE HOME INSPECTOR PER SERVICE AREA per campaign.
  3. Inspector2Agents representatives will engage in ten phone calls per day for five days (exclusing weekends) on a per-week basis for the fee of $200 per week.
  4. You may provide us with conversational parameters, offers, and conditions for us to repeat to agents we call on your behalf. However, if we determine that these things are having a negative impact on the success of our calls, we may require you to reconsider your approach.
  5. All calls will be recorded (in writing) and provided to you in a report format at the end of each week.
  6. You agree to pay the ShareCard™ set-up fee of $200 now to begin to begin development of your account plus $19.95 per month for ongoing use of your ShareCard™ account. Then, you will be billed $200, in advance, for each week of the Inspector2Agent program in advance of phone calls being made on behalf of your inspection company.
  7. Refunds are not applicable after your ShareCard™ has been completed.
  8. Neither employees or contractors of Diverse Companies LLC, or any of related subsidiary services (such as ShareCard™) guarantee any number of appointments, leads, inspection bookings, or sales.
  9. If you understand and agree with the TERMS OF SERVICE as written above, then proceed with your payment for service.


Complete the form below to register for INSPECTOR2AGENT Telephone Marketing.

You agree to pay $200 now for ShareCard™ set-up then $19.95 per month for continued use of your ShareCard™ account. You will not be invoiced for our outbound calling services until the service begins.

This transaction will reflect a payment to Diverse Companies LLC. Payments are processed through PayPal (The Bancorp Bank). You may pay using any the following credit cards or debit cards including VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, and AMERICAN EXPRESS. You do not have to have a PayPal account in order to complete this transaction.

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